VMware Host Client and Chrome SSH Console

Among many recent improvements in ESXi Embedded Host Client, one feature stands out and makes the life of IT professionals easier. I am talking about the integration between the Host Client (Fling 11) and Chrome SSH Console (nassh).

After updating the Host Client to version 1.8.1, a new item ‘Get SSH for Chrome’ appears in the context menu when you right-click on the Host item.


If the access to the Internet is available, the option allows you to initiate the installation of the Chrome SSH Console. The plug-in’s size is about 6 Mb. It integrates into the Chrome Apps, and can be used for connecting to the remote SSH sessions.


The project is in a beta version, and, of course, it has some limitations. For example, I wasn’t able to get a correct output from the esxtop command, rather than a continuous flow of the raw data. At the same time, for basic troubleshooting and configuration, this functionality can save you some time.


It’s not clear whether VMware has any plans to introduce this feature to the official VMware Host Client. However, I welcome the developers’ approach making the user experience a bit smoother. Well done, VMware!

12/09/2016 – Update 1: The terminal emulator should be changed to vt102 with this command “export TERM=vt102” to get esxtop and DCUI working. Alternatively, the default TERM value can be modified in the program defaults.



12/09/2016 – Update 2: There are chances this functionality is included in the official release of VMware Host Client in the future. I will provide an update when more information is available.

2 thoughts on “VMware Host Client and Chrome SSH Console

  1. Hi Graham,

    Depending on the user which logged on to the VMware Host Client, you still need to provide its password in the SSH Console.


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