PowerCLI Tips: Get information about datastores

This script below provides information about the datastore capacity, consumed and provisioned space (all three in GB), as well as the over-provisioning ratio.

# File name: Get-DatastoreUsage.ps1
# Description: This script provides information about datastore usage.
# 17/07/2018 - Version 1.0
# - Initial Release (based on https://code.vmware.com/forums/2530/vsphere-powercli#576268)
# Author: Roman Dronov (c)
Get-Datastore | select Name,`
@{N='Capacity (GB)';E={[math]::Round($_.ExtensionData.Summary.Capacity/1GB,2)}},`
@{N='Consumed (GB)';E={[math]::Round(($_.ExtensionData.Summary.Capacity - $_.ExtensionData.Summary.FreeSpace)/1GB,2)}},`
@{N='Provisioned (GB)';E={[math]::Round(($_.ExtensionData.Summary.Capacity - $_.ExtensionData.Summary.FreeSpace + $_.ExtensionData.Summary.Uncommitted)/1GB,2)}},`
@{N='Over-Provisioning Ratio';E={[math]::Round((($_.ExtensionData.Summary.Capacity - $_.ExtensionData.Summary.FreeSpace + $_.ExtensionData.Summary.Uncommitted)/$_.ExtensionData.Summary.Capacity),2)}} |`
Format-Table -AutoSize

It can be useful for storage monitoring and reporting.

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